Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Should the Sale of Human Organs Be Legal? - No

While some believe human organ trades should be legalized, others strongly hold the opposite view on the issue. They insist if  the sales of human organs is permitted, it will be immoral, bringing more negative aspects. They believe: 

     1. It could start dangerous trends of harvesting organs without people's consent
When it comes to the human body, there should be many laws in place to help protect
          people's safety. If selling human organs were legal, there could be many companies that

          might seize on this as a money-making opportunity. And, to do so, they might infringe 
          on the rights, and even bodily safety, of people who have not chosen to give organs.

     2. The privatization of human organizations is, for lack of a better term, inhumane

         Selling human organs to the highest bidder is a practice which many think is carried out
         only in dark alleys. In reality, some people are bumped up on organ receiving lists 

         through charitable contributions to hospitals. Practices like these are immoral and 
         akin to actually selling an organ. The outright sale of an organ should never take place, 
         and everyone is entitled to an equal opportunity for their life to be saved.

     3. No one would want to donate their organs for free anymore.

         The sale of human organs should not be legalized. The current method of obtaining
         organs for transplant is the safest method for the recipient and the donor.
         While there is a great need for donors, a black market for human organs would
         benefit no one.

  4. This would lead to a situation where only the rich could obtain an organ transplant.
      Currently, except where organs are donated by a match or by family members, organs
      go to the person who is at the top of the list when organs become available. If organs 
      could be purchased, the most needy would not be able to get a transplant unless they
      had the cash to purchase the available organ. This would result in organs going to people 
      who have no chance of actually surviving, just because the person had money to buy an 
      organ. This is a terrible outcome. If the rich pay the biggest amount of money and buy
      an organ, the patient who would be best able to survive with the organ might die since
      they can't pay as much as the rich.


  1. I am completely against the idea that only the richest would get the organ transplant (Number 4). I believe that organ transplanting should go by how serious the case is. If the person needs an organ to survive for the next day, I don't believe they should have to wait in line. I believe that they should be given the right to get the right health care. Health care professionals are supposed to have this "beneficence" for their patients. Meaning that they guide and help the patients in a way that will be for the good for them. In this case then, the people with the most need of the organ should get the organ because that is something that will help them get better.

  2. I agree with all your point, and that organ selling should remain illegal. The main reasoning being that once organ selling becomes legal, the entire organized system of organ donor list will be thrown out. Only those who are rich can afford getting a translate. This is not fair because someone who is in real need for an organ transplant might not get one because he can not afford it, whereas someone who can wait a little longer can get that transplantation before because they have the money. Also, if organ selling becomes legal, the black market for organ will be even harder to control. Organ transplants is a something that needs to done in extreme supervision and in an organized manner because it is a sensitive medical procedure. It is really importantt that all the propet steps are taken.

  3. After reading your blog, I believe that the selling of organ should not be legalized. I agree with what Sweta and Nilam said above, that it would not be fair to those that cannot afford the organs. I personally think that all organs should be donated to the hospital and be used according to first come first serve basis. Everyone should have equal rights to obtaining the organs and this way the health risks in organ transplant are also decreased. If organ transplant is made legal then that increases the rate for black market organ selling as well, but even if organ selling is not legalized, black market organ selling still exists. It is a very complicated situation to resolve and no matter what happens illegal issues will always occur.

  4. I strongly disagree with legalization of the sale of human organs. If selling human organs is allowed, it will really lead to more serious and negative problems. Human organs are considered as very valuable things to those who are desperate to survive. They would do anything if they could survive since life is more important than money. Companies such as black markets would take advantage of rich people who are in need of organ transplants. Whether the sale of human organs becomes legal or not, it will be hard to control the black market anyway. Therefore, the government should take proper actions as soon as possible to prevent the black market's further activities.

  5. The selling of organs should not be legalized, rather looked upon as a supererogatory deed. It is inhumane and will only lead to a downhill series of problems. Reasons for the "pros" in legalizing the organ market have no case, as I mentioned in the previous blog post. The thought of individuals not wanting to donate their organ for free is sad because it portrays how literally everything has a price tag on it including life, which should be priceless.

  6. No enterprise can exist for itself alone. It ministers to some great need, it performs some great service, not for itself, but for others; or failing therein, it ceases to be profitable and ceases to exist.
    it should be legal