Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Should the Sale of Human Organs Be Legal? - Yes

Organ transplantation is one of the major breakthroughs in medical area, however, human organs are scarce, and the society has unsolved ethical issues raised from the scarcity. There are people who believe that the government should legalize the organ market for the several reasons. Supporters of legalization of organ market says:

     1. Hospitals are always low on organ donations. If organ sales save lives, there is no reason
        why it should not be legal. This will be the only way to solve the scarcity.
        I believe that the good associated with people being able to donate
        organs for money and the lives that this will save far outweighs the downside of
        people stealing organs for sale. Human can live with partial organs. The
        ability to sell organs would make more availability for those who need them.

     2. If anything is illegal, people will still do it at any other coasts. It is the same
         condition as the alcoholic beverage prohibition law in the past. Many of us become
         desperate, especially, when we need organs 
to save a loved one.
         Thus, instead of making people to violate the law, it is better to legalize the organ

         market and rather regulate it under the law.

     3. Legalization of organs market will stop the predators from killing the innocent.
         Since people do businesses in organ black market, it is easy to find the crimes
         associated with organ sales. Murder or serious injuries happen because organ market
         is illegal and not controlled by government. It would be better for the society to legalize
         the market and keep eye on it.

     4. The sales of adult organs by the adult themselves should be legal, because it is a
         personal decision. Based on the principle of autonomy, the government has no
         right to prohibit people selling organs. It is a personal decision, and the government
         should not be involved in any way at all. As long as a seller is rational and healthy enough
         to live without the organ, he or she should be allowed to sell it and save someone else.
         The person who are buying the organ would agree it is worth the cost.


  1. In my opinion selling organs should be illegal because organ selling can be a very unhealthy choice. One reason being that giving someone the option to sell their organ, can lead to someone making a very poor decision in desperate financial situation. There are so many young adults that go through financial problems and sometimes when they are in need of fast cash they can make a rash decision which they can potentially regret later on in their lives. Even though organ selling is illegal right now there is still a black market for organ dealing. If organ selling is legalized it can lead to even a bigger black market for selling organs. Another reason being once organ selling is legalized those who are not as financially stable will never be able to get an organ transplantation because the richer patients will be the only ones that can afford organs. Selling organs can throw of the entire system of being on a donor list and someone who is really in need of an organ transplantation can go without getting a new organ because they are financially unstable.

  2. I personally believe that there are many pros in selling organs and I do not really see anything wrong with that. Selling organs in order to save someone's life is nothing wrong and if one is selling organs out of personal decision then it is perfectly fine. I do not agree to one being forced to give up their organs, but if someone is doing it for financial reasons, then it is okay. The person selling organs might have responsibilities too and in order to fulfill them, one of the only solutions might be organ selling. Like the blog mentioned, if it is not legal, then illegal organ selling is occurring anyway. If it were to become legal then maybe there would not be so many other health risks that are present with illegal organ selling.

  3. I actually completely agree with Sweta. I think that selling organs should not be something that is okay. I understand that the organ market is low at times and they are always looking for organs, however, I don't believe that giving an option of selling an organ is a normal thing to do. It is your body however, respect your body. I can't imagine those individuals who might sell an organ of theirs to get some extra cash. I just don't think people would donate an organ then out of good will. They would only understand it as getting paid for job well done.

  4. In my opinion, selling human organs should be legal. I know that lots of people in the world are supporting their lives with money. It seems that money is centered in many people. If the sale of human organs is illegal, the rate of death and poverty will increase. However, as mentioned in Grace’s previous post, such things as black market should be removed. Black market will be an issue anyway if selling human organs is illegal.

  5. Personally, none of the "benefits" are sufficient for why the organ market should be legalized. It is unethical and shouldn't justify for reasons. The principle of autonomy should not govern the right to legalize the organ market. People do foolish things every day which are why laws are put into place. The seller cannot determine if he/she is rational or healthy enough to make a decision because it is to define rational is subjective. Also, legalization of the organs market will only make killing of the innocent increase instead of decrease because it will become business for certain individuals. I believe organ donation is a supererogatory deed and should not be overshadowed by legalizing the organ market.